Delicious Seafood Lunch at Greenwell

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Sunny smiles from Peter and Dee

Delicious Seafood Lunch at Greenwell

Else and Karin enjoy the day out

Yet another monthly outing rolled around on 10 September 2019 for the Pigeon House RSL Day Club. This time we ventured north to one of our very popular destinations, The Pelican Rocks Café at Greenwell Point. We had a warm sunny day for our visit, even though the wind did remain “brisk.”

Twenty-nine of our members arrived at 10.30am to enjoy a cuppa before ordering a long-awaited seafood lunch. The café has won many awards in past years, and produces a famous “Seafood Platter for Two” that is made with local seafood, with hot and cold selections on the platter. No wonder our group ordered six platters!

Other meals included squid, scallops and prawns. The only remains on most plates were squeezed lemon segments. But wait; there more! Some of the group could actually fit in a dessert. Those included homemade caramel slice, lemon and lime tart, caramel cheesecake, and we discovered an ice-cream fridge! So of course doubled headed ice cream ‘n’ a waffle cone was very popular. Some of the group went for a stroll in the beautiful park across from the café while the rest sat and chatted until it was time to set off for home. It would seem this outing will be “automatically” added to our list of things to do next year.

Happy diners, Diane and Ron

Pigeon House RSL Day Club is a joint venture between the Milton Ulladulla RSL Sub-Branch and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (NSW Office) and commenced operation in 2014.

Divide and devour! Seafood Platter for 2

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