Extraordinary Teachers and Students

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Takesa receiving her Minister for Education Student Excellence Award

Extraordinary Teachers and Students

Minister’s Teaching Excellence Award

Sarah and Ben receiving their awards with the Minister for Education

It goes without saying that Ulladulla High School (UHS) has many extraordinary teachers who are passionate about their work. Recently, Denise Lofts, Principal was honoured to see Head Teacher HSIE, Mr Ben Barry, and Head Teacher Teaching and Learning, Mrs Sarah Hunt, awarded the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Both Ben and Sarah have transformed the way in which their students view themselves and their learning. Ben has built his classroom to be a place where student agency and authentic meaningful projects are presented to real audiences where learning is deep.

Sarah is an exceptional thinker, innovator and genuinely passionate teacher. As a leading teacher, her professionalism in the implementation of Project Based Learning and her professional reach in the development of colleagues across the state has been superb.

The collaboration, innovation and teacher confidence she has generated and supported has been outstanding. Both Ben and Sarah are worthy recipients of the Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Minister’s Award for Student Excellence

It was a very proud moment for Ulladulla High School to be part of the Department of Education Excellence Awards at Sydney Town Hall where our School Captain, Takesa Frank acknowledged country. She was selected because of her incredible contribution to her school and education in general. Takesa was also awarded the
Minister’s Award for Student Excellence.

Takesa giving Acknowledgement of Country

Takesa is an outstanding School Captain who has navigated her passions about the environment and the wellbeing of her fellow students. She has inspired the whole community to be more environmentally aware. Her impact is inspirational. Takesa was awarded the Shoalhaven Youth of the Year 2019, Shoalhaven International Women’s Award in 2018, Environmental Future Leaders Award 2019 and numerous school leadership awards. An extraordinary young person.

Talya’s Passion is a Winner

Talya Thompson has a passion for animals particularly, and helping troubled youth. She combined this passion through crowd sourcing to get the screening of the outstanding documentary film called the Back Track Boys to Ulladulla. So that good idea… went viral. The screening not only went ahead, but the theatre was packed.

Sitting in the audience was one of our Shoalhaven Councillors, who said afterwards, “This is great; we need to do something to support this in our community. Let us see what we can do”.

Talya Thompson

Talya’s passion was not something disconnected to school. Her PIP, personal interest project for Society and Culture was an in-depth examination of equine assisted modalities and the outcomes for young people, with an emphasis on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, called Unbridled. If you know Talya, she is a quiet, kind and committed student, who will go on to make a difference in the world.

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