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Elaine Spring, Maxine Puglisi and Lorna Neill celebrating our first meeting at Dunn Lewis Centre

New Venue for Mollymook Embroiderers

The Mollymook group of the NSW Embroiderers Guild has moved to a new venue at the Dunn Lewis Centre. At the first meeting on 6 September 2019, the occasion was celebrated by an excellent cake, cut by two of our founding members, Elaine Spring, Maxine Puglisi and Lorna Neill.

At our recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), Denise Pennell was re-elected as our Convenor, and Anthea Eddy as our Secretary. Lesley McDonald was elected as Treasurer. Through 2019, we have held a number of ‘table tasters’, where a small group gather to learn and share knowledge of a particular technique or embroidery style. Sessions have included whitework, Kantha stitching, blackwork, and stitching on eco-dyed fabrics.

These sessions have proven very popular and demonstrate the generosity of our members to prepare small projects and pass on their knowledge so freely. Thanks to Cathy Carnall, Raine Phillips and Kerry Douglas, who have been instrumental in organising table tasters. Other activities have included a convenor’s challenge for a pig-themed item, for the Year of the Pig, and exhibiting wedding dresses at our AGM in August. Visitors and new members are always welcome to join on the first and third Fridays of each month, except January.

Web: www.embroiderersguildnsw.org.au/Groups/Group-Mollymook.htm
Contact: Denise Pennell
Ph: 0407 077 960
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