Tennis – A Lesson for Life

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Tennis – A Lesson for Life

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If you’re looking to introduce your child to a sport, tennis is a great option on many levels. It’s equally mental as it is physical, therefore promoting both strong psychological and physiological development. It’s also good for the body and mind. You can play tennis forever!

Tennis is great for all ages. Children can start very young, often as early as three years old, and you can play until you can no longer walk. People lucky enough to live past 100 years of age, can still play the game. What other sport can you play from age 3-103? Tennis!

Tennis also fosters social skills. Children learn about the importance of teamwork when playing doubles, and benefit from necessary communication with singles opponents before, during, and after matches.

Lessons for Life

From a psychological standpoint, children who play tennis develop skills and strategies that will also serve them well in life off the court. Because they’re out there on their own, and often calling their own lines while competing, children learn to accept responsibility for their actions, decisions and mistakes, and can begin to manage these more effectively.

They must learn to respond to adversity, adapt to different situations and environments. Both in practice and competitive environments, tennis fosters work ethic, discipline, and sportsmanship in children, and hones their strategic and problem-solving skills. It’s actually affordable! The Milton Ulladulla District Tennis Club are extremely proud to offer this great sport at a very affordable price.

As a junior member, you are allowed to play on the courts for free with one friend or adult as long as the court is not hired by paying players. With twelve courts at the Ulladulla complex, there are always plenty of courts for all. Junior competitions cost only $5 per week to play. Hotshots is $10 for an hour within a group coach setting on Saturday mornings. Senior members have lots of competitions and social groups also from as little as $5 (Tuesday morning group etc.).

As you can see by the photos, tennis is the sport for life in so many ways; playing, socialising and having fun doing both together and fundraising for charities. New Junior competition starts on Saturday 19 October 2019. Coach Kev is currently taking names for this new competition, so if you would like to play or make inquiries, please contact Kev on 0417 359 721.

Come and join the other forty to fifty kids having lots of fun on Saturday mornings for just $5 per week once a member. To improve your game of tennis playing in a competition, give Kev a call.

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Coach Kev School Holidays Tennis Clinic

Clinic 1 runs on Monday 30 September 2019, Tuesday October 2019, Wednesday 2 October 2019, Thursday 3 October 2019 and Friday 4 October 2019, 9.00am-1.00pm. You can play just one day for $30 each, or all five days for $140.

Clinic 2 is on Monday 7 October 2019, Tuesday 8 October 2019 and Wednesday 9 October 2019 for $30 per day, 9.00am-1.00pm. Trying one or all these days is a fantastic affordable way to try tennis for the first-time kids or to entertain the kids over the school holiday period. Everyone is welcome, so if you’re here on holidays, please come along and check us out and join in the fun.

Want to Play Tennis?

If anyone wants to know anything about what tennis is available in the local area, you can find out by contacting any of the following people:

Monday Ladies Competition – Mary-Lou – 0426 828 341 or 4454 2620

Monday Night Men’s Competition – Kevin – 0417 359 721

Tuesday Morning Mixed Social – Lynne – 4455 3369 or turn up from 8.30am

Wednesday Morning Men’s Social – Doug – 0418 448 789

Wednesday Night Mixed Social Tennis – Ross – 0490 001 543

Thursday Night Ladies Competition – Sue – 4455 3189 or 0448 738 245

Friday Morning Mixed Social – Pam – 4454 1759

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Saturday Morning Junior Competition – Kevin – 0417 359 721

Saturday Morning Beginners – Kevin – 0417 359 721

Saturday Afternoon Club Social Division 1 – Doug – 0418 448 789

Saturday Afternoon Club Social Division 2 – Lynne – 4455 3369 or turn up at 1.00pm

Coaching for Children and Adults – Club Coach Kevin Murphy – 0417 359 721

Follow the court hire payment instructions for Milton or Ulladulla Courts at the Clubhouse. Contact Club Secretary, Lynne for general enquiries on 4455 3369, check out the Club website, or email the Secretary at for information.

Contact: Maureen Mennie
Ph: 0434 634 818


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