Second Last Rally for 2019

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Showjumping with Skye and Billy

Second Last Rally for 2019

Skye Randazzo and Billy

Milton Pony Club were lucky to have perfect weather for their second last rally for 2019. They have been having a fabulous year! The support and encouragement our members give each other is outstanding and as a result, our riders have improved so much.

This time Gail set up a great obstacle course complete with balloons, a tarp, a big ball, tyre, barrels and scary pool noodles. There were plenty of horses who needed some extra encouragement around this course and the horsemanship shown by our riders was impressive. Well done Milton Pony Club!

Thanks to our instructors Gail, Mardi, Portia and Ray for your valuable time. We are lucky to have you. We need to make a special mention of our sporting guru Gordon, who we have missed terribly this year. Gordon knows the pony club sporting and mounted games inside out and was always keen to introduce new races to our riders. His enthusiasm and encouragement for our riders is so much appreciated. Thank you, Gordon.

Our Treasurer, Di, needs a special mention as she has gone above and beyond her role for our club. All year, Di has been busily working behind the scenes to organise us all, and our pony club lives have run smoothly as a result. It takes a team to run our great little club and we are so fortunate that Di has willingly taken on extra responsibility. Thank you so much Di; you are a legend!

In particular, we have to thank our Chief Instructor, Gail, who has been connected to Milton Pony Club for over two generations. Every rally is meticulously planned by Gail and she has some great ideas to keep our riders and their horses challenged.

Skye and brave Billy

We appreciate her passion and enthusiasm, and especially her ability to do all of that within the perimeter of pony club rules! Thank you Gail, for everything you do for our riders.

Skye was awarded our Rider of the Month prize for November. Our judge was impressed with Skye’s leadership during musical ride practice and her ability to set a great example for our younger riders. Congratulations Skye.

Milton Pony Club Rider Profile

Name and age: Skye Randazzo,
15 years old.

Horses name, height and age: Burlings Liberty, AKA “Billy”, 15hh, 17 years old.

How long have you been riding your horse? I’ve had Billy since March 2019.

Favourite thing about pony club: Riding with friends.

Our Chief Instructor, Gail.

Favourite thing about your horse: He is a very loyal boy.

Skye and scared Billy

Least favourite thing about your horse: He is super brave except for snails, balls, balloons and horse poos.

Favourite food from the canteen: Hot chips with sauce.

Favourite thing to do when not riding: I love online shopping with money I don’t have.

How many falls have you had? I don’t count my falls but I’ve actually had Billy fall over on me twice.

Main goal for this year: I want to keep working with Billy to get our turns faster and smoother, and to improve our consistency with clean flying changes.

Our Friendly Club.

Milton Pony Club holds rallies on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. Our grounds are on the corner of Garside Road and Matron Porter Drive in Narrawallee. Come along and see our fantastic members having fun with their horses. Our year is drawing to a close now with our Christmas Rally held at the end of November.

Musical ride practice will continue into the new year as we fine tune the performance for the Milton Show. We are looking forward to another fantastic year of pony club in 2020 and welcome new members to join us to learn and have lots of fun with their ponies. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates about our registration day in February 2020.

Contact: Mardi
Ph: 0432 852 372


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