Day Club Enjoys Morning Melodies

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Morning Melodies at the ExServos Club

Day Club Enjoys Morning Melodies

A melodic morning for Day Club

Pigeon House RSL Day Club had our last day of 2019 in the Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club Heritage Room on Tuesday 3 December 2019, and it so happened that the Morning Melodies for December were being held that day. Thirty members of the Day Club elected to attend the performance and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

A number of Day Club members do attend the Morning Melodies each month on the first Thursday, however, this number may increase in future with the additional members who experienced the Morning Melodies for their first time.

Day Club members are never shy when asked to take part, and it was no surprise to see Jim and Kevin as part of a group up on stage accompanying the performer. Ray was also singled out when his knee was chosen by the lass to sit on while she sang him a song! All in all, everyone enjoyed the performance and spent the remainder of their day talking about it.

At the end of the Morning Melodies, all members of the Day Club gathered in the Heritage room for a barbeque lunch, cooked for us by the Chef due to the fire restrictions in place. Following lunch, we had a lucky door draw with seven members going home with a small prize. We presented Rhian with a card thanking her for taking such good care of us throughout the year and then it was time to leave.

Another year nearly over and the Pigeon House RSL Day Club would like to thank the Milton Ulladulla ExServos Club Board, Management and staff for their support and help throughout 2019. Special mention of Jason and his catering staff; Alison and Matt; Heather, Rhian and Michael (who provides the muscle when we need it) and Tara who manages to make our articles look good. We thank you all very much for what you do for the Pigeon House RSL Day Club.

Pigeon House RSL Day Club is a joint venture between the Milton Ulladulla RSL Sub-Branch and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (NSW Office) and commenced operation in 2014.

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