Our Guardian Heroes

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Our community heroes

Our Guardian Heroes

Our angels in yellow

As 2020 suddenly takes over from 2019, we can’t help but hope for a better new year, than the firey end of 2019. Nothing could have prepared our community for the ferocious Currowan Fire that spread across our sunburnt land, burning through the trees, grass, outbuildings and homes, threatening countless houses, businesses and lives.

Fear grew as the fire approached residential areas, and families fled to safety, but through it all, the angels in yellow stood their ground, held their weapons high and blasted the fire with high powered water. They back burned, they worked tirelessly and sacrificed their own safety for ours.

The community has banded together as one to supply food, water and supplies to not only our heroes, but to those affected by the fires; to those who have lost their homes or been evacuated. The men and women of the Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue, the many fire fighter volunteers and teams from out of town have been fighting to save our town and we are forever grateful. They are our heroes; our guardians; our angels.

Although there is no possible way to repay their dedication and hard work, there are ways we can support them.

The ferocious Currowan fire


Donations made to the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), or your local Rural Fire Brigade, directly benefit volunteer fire fighters and are always gratefully received. Many local Rural Fire Brigades conduct fundraising through door knocks, letterbox drops, or at community functions.

To donate funds or items, contact your local team or check out the Support Your Local Brigade link https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/volunteer/support-your-local-brigade

Volunteering in the NSW RFS

There are many reasons to join the NSW RFS. You may want to protect your families, your friends, your home and assets, your community, and your way of life. Volunteering also offers the opportunity to learn new and valuable skills that will not only assist you in your voluntary role but in day to day life and even your workplace. It is also an opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t normally meet.

What role can I play?

The NSW RFS relies on a team of dedicated women and men who fulfil a range of important roles. No matter what your experience, there’s a role for nearly everyone.

How Fireproof is your Bush Fire Plan?

Checklists available at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/plan-and-prepare/bush-fire-survival-plan

Most people have a plan for a bush fire, but unfortunately, not all plans stand up against a bush fire. The RFS website has a number of checklists and tests to ensure that your bush fire plan will help you survive. Test your plan at www.myfireplan.com.au

On the fire grounds

Stay Informed

With the Currowan fire predicted to last into the new year, ensure that you stay up to date, prepared and informed. Download the Fires Near Me app or check out the www.rfs.nsw.gov.au website.

Thank You from our Fire Fighters

Our humble fire fighters wish to thank the community for all their support of the brigades, including donations, food, drink, cleaning the shed and more, and the support that the entire community has shown each other.

Always call 000 in an emergency. If you see a fire unattended, call Triple Zero 000. Do not assume someone has reported it.

Web: www.rfs.nsw.gov.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nswrfs
Emergency Ph: 000


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