Stories of Family History Society

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Stories of Family History Society

John Sparks, Pam Johnson, Meg Hammond and Christine Moss

Christmas has been and gone and the Family History Society is enjoying our Christmas break. We will be back on board on Monday 13 January 2020, ready to get back into our research and assisting others again.

Due to the fire situation, our society made a decision to donate all funds raised by our Christmas Raffle to assist in the fire relief in our area to the Rural Fire Service.

The raffle was drawn by a member of the Family Community Services, Sandra Santos. It was won by Julie Gullan Ticket Number 002 Orange D.

On a happier note, at our Christmas Meeting day and end of year get together, our Roma Robbin Award for the best story written by one of our members throughout the year was awarded. Roslyn Strange from the Ulladulla Library was our judge.

As we do not have a set topic for our stories, Ros commented on how she judged all these stories, “Sometimes it was the integration of the different resources available for people to locate facts and information.

Other times it was the social history and very often it was the personal experience set in the history context.”

This year it went to Meg Hammond for her story “My English Schooling in WWII.’ This appeared in the December 2019 journal which can be viewed on our website.

Ros also awarded a runner up list to Christine Moss “Schooldays,” John Sparks for his stories, “A Man, His Pipe, My Grandpa” and “A Needle in a Haystack,” and Pam Johnson for her story “School Days.”

The Society would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.



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