All in the Name of Fun at Day Club

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Fun and Games with RSL Day Club

All in the Name of Fun at Day Club

The Pigeon House RSL Day Club has its list of whacky and unusual holidays which we quite often refer to when we want to do something whacky and unusual. Day Club members were asked for their ideas on what sort of ‘event days’ they would like to see added to this list. Hence the reason some members were sporting ‘odd shoes’ one week.

Some were very brave by wearing their ‘odd shoes’ to and from the Day Club, which naturally prompted comments from others who happened to notice their odd footwear! Gum boots, runners, boots, slippers, sandals and loafers were all on show, and as usual, the members were such good sports for taking part in the fun.

We had three birthdays to celebrate with Else and Rhonda celebrating theirs in March, and a belated birthday for Diane whose was in February. Cakes galore! We welcomed our gentle exercises after morning tea, and then settled down to do our mental stimulation provided by Jillian. These sessions are great for stimulating our minds as well as generating a lot of discussion.

Each week we surprise ourselves with our combined knowledge but we still learn something new which can lead to further discussion and a sharing of knowledge. We had our sixth birthday celebrations on 17 March 2020, St. Patrick’s Day and we had visitors from three other Day Clubs join us; Maureen and Barbara from Tasman Club Sussex Inlet, Penny and Dorothy from Macquarie Club Albion Park and Neville and Denis from Bass & Flinders Club Warilla.

Being St. Patrick’s Day, there was plenty of green to go around, and even our visitors entered into the spirit of things, donning whatever garb took their fantasy. We had St. Patrick’s Day puzzles on the tables and some trivia around the ‘green’ theme as well as St. Patrick himself. Following our usual exercises, Verona then had us play the ‘lolly’ game which again, our visitors embraced whole heartedly! A bit of fun with a lot of laughs.

Kevin ready to cut cake

After our Roast Dinner it was time to cut the cake. It was decided our resident Irishman, Kevin, should have the honour of cutting the cake as he had been such a good sport listening to the Irish jokes told earlier in the day. The cake had pale green icing to keep with the St. Patrick’s Day theme and as usual, was enjoyed by everyone. It is always pleasing to hear our visitors say how much they enjoyed themselves, and we were only too happy to ‘let’ one of them win a raffle prize, with the remainder being won by our Club members.

A big thank you to Maggie for organising the raffle prizes, and for the extra duties she undertook to make sure we were all in a safe environment for the day.

Sadly, it was announced Day Club would be closing for the next four weeks until after Easter. We hope to resume on Tuesday 14 April 2020 and this will be confirmed, one way or the other, closer to the day.

Pigeon House RSL Day Club is a joint venture between the Milton Ulladulla RSL Sub-Branch and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (NSW Office) and commenced operation in 2014.

Contact: Annie Alexander
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