Exceptional Aboriginal Team

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Exceptional Aboriginal Team

Premier’s Priorities Team visit to see the exceptional Aboriginal Education Team

Mr Dizdars’ visit to Ulladulla High School (UHS) was an opportunity to showcase the efforts and achievements of our Aboriginal students. As a school we are leading the way in highly successful programs in Aboriginal Education, resulting in a high percentage of Aboriginal students graduating and taking up opportunities at University, traineeships and apprenticeships, along with being offered jobs and positions in a huge number of vocations.

The Premier’s Priority Team also took time to visit our Aboriginal Education team to dig deeper into what are the connections between successful achievement and what we do.

The one true fact about our team is the extraordinary people who make up our team. The outstanding teachers, mentors and leaders, like our wonderful Aboriginal Elder Aunty Nellie, Aboriginal Education Officer Ms Samara Williams, Mrs Gough, Miss Bunyan, Mrs Williams, Mr Barry,
Mrs Ingold, Mr Betsis, and all the teachers that show unwavering support for our students. It is also the incredible potential and achievement of our students, their respect, their commitment to culture, and their hard work.

The visitors were very impressed by our didge fellas, our dancers, our academic achievements, and particularly our student’s kindness, respect and authentic belief in doing well.

Building a Great Partnership with our Year 7 Parents

Every new change in a young persons’ life must be supported by a great partnership. At UHS we are committed to establishing a strong supportive connection with our parents and carers.

Research tells us that when schools and parents/carers work together with a focus on building the learning potential across every aspect of a student’s life, the result is life changing.

Our Year 7 Welcome Barbeque is the beginning of that partnership and we encourage you to reach out with any support you need.

Huge thank you to all students and parents that were able to attend, and to Mrs. Smith, Mrs Williams, Year 7 Teachers and all the wellbeing team for your enthusiasm in making our Year 7 2020 have a great start.

Community Engagement… to Benefit Learning

When a school engages with its community to benefit the learning of its students, there is extraordinary benefit for all involved. A few weeks ago we had a team of researchers working with students, teachers, and the community, diving deep into the outstanding success of our school’s ability to leverage learning in connection with the community.

The team were very impressed with the depth of the projects that accelerate learning along with empowering the community to be part of the school. The positiveness was very heartening and reflects great synergy. Initiatives such as ‘My Story Matters’, book publishing, the GenCONNECT Project where our students help senior citizen technology use, StoryFest, Milton Show… the list goes on. The project also allowed us to reflect on future innovations and directions to continue to improve the collaborations.

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