Hop the Easter Bunny

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Hop the Easter Bunny

Hop the Easter Bunny

It was coming up to the big day, the day that Hop the Easter Bunny would deliver the chocolate eggs far and wide to excited little children across the globe.

Every day he hopped over to the egg field and painted and coloured the pretty foil paper on the chocolate eggs with his many fluffy brothers, sisters and friends. They danced and sang as mountains of colourful Easter eggs were readied for the big day.

Then one day, Hop’s mother, a blushing grey bunny with big ears and an extra fluffy tail, joined the other little bunnies in the field, and called them all together for a carrot break.

“You have done a wonderful job little bunnies,” Hop’s mother said with a basket of carrots hanging from her arm. “There are so many pretty chocolate eggs for the children. However do you do it?”

Hop wiggled his little pink nose, and flexed his long white and grey ears proudly. “We dance, we play, and we paint.”

The crowd of bunnies nodded enthusiastically in agreement with their friend Hop.

“We’ll show you,” Hop said and bounced away.

Hop’s mother watched in wonder as each little bunny washed their hands thoroughly with soap, then used a hand sanitizer before they put on their protective gloves and danced around the field, painting the beautiful Easter eggs in colours of pink, blue, purple, gold and green. Every so often, a bunny would stop to wash their hands once again.

Happy Easter

When they were done, the little bunnies removed their gloves and washed their hands before using the hand sanitizer. They bounded towards Hop’s mother with their noses wiggling and smiles on their faces.

“Why do you wash your hands so much?” Hop’s mother asked.

Together, the bunnies said, “It’s stops the spread of germs. It’s how we keep each other and the children safe.”

Hop’s mother smiled and kissed Hop on the head. “You’re a good little egg Hop, and so are your friends.”

Waving goodbye, Hop’s mother took her empty basket back to the burrow, proud that her son and his friends cared for the safety of each other and the children of the world.

By TRL Boyd


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