Staying Active While Indoors

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Staying Active While Indoors

If you’re stuck in the house, you might be wondering what type of physical activity you can do if you don’t have any equipment.

You can always use body weight training like Calisthenics. Get on the floor and give me 20! Try some sit ups, jogging on the spot, step ups, jumping jacks, lunges, plank squats, burpees, russian twists or see how many push ups you can do.

I can do 1 push up all by myself. By the end of this pandemic, I might even be able to do 2. Have goals and smash them.

Self isolation doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch. If you like weights, have a look in your cupboards and around the house for weighted items like cans, laundry detergent boxes etc.

You could even try dancing. Put on your favourite song, get on your feet, and just start moving.

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