The Ladies at Hilltop on the Green

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Ladies at Hilltop lookin good

The Ladies at Hilltop on the Green

Leanne Ewin

On 5 March 2020, fifty-two of the Ladies at Hilltop took to the green for a 4BBB v Par

Winners: Robin Lardner and Pam Date

Runners up: Belinda Metham and Jan Tanko +8

Third: Liz McGuire and Robyn Treweek
+7 c/b

Fourth: Margaret Henderson and Gwenda Turnbull +7

Balls went down to +1

On 10 March 2020, the Ladies at Hilltop enthusiastically competed in a Monthly Medal/Stroke. Results below:

Grade A Winner: Ros Hughes (12) 74 nett

Runner Up: Veronica Johnston (11) 76 nett c/b

Grade B Winner: Leanne Ewin (24) 68 nett

Runner Up: Joan McMullen (24) 75 nett

Grade C Winner: Alison Wade (42) 75 nett

Runner Up: Glenda Boorman (36) 80 nett

Balls went down to 80c/b

The very sought after and appreciated Putting Prize was won by Leanne Ewin.


Ninth: Gwenda Turnbull – 190 centimetres

Twelfth: Joan McMullen – 180 centimetres

Seventeenth: Wendy Smith – 570 centimetres

And last but not least, out of thirteen players, our winners of the Stableford Event were:

Winner: Robyn Cooke (28) – 36 points

Runner up: Eunice King (48) – 32 points c/b

Ball went down to 28 points

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