Volunteer to Help Out at the Homeless Shelter

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Volunteer to Help Out at the Homeless Shelter

Due to a lack of temporary accommodation to those experiencing homelessness and safe spaces for those wishing to abstain from alcohol or other drugs, Safe Waters Community Care Inc. was established in August 2019 by a small committee who care about our local community and have a heart to assist the most vulnerable people in our local area including, but not limited to; people experiencing homelessness, those fleeing domestic violence and assisting people with substance misuse difficulties.

Our team consists of members with expertise relevant to these fields who share a love for God and all people. We will network and draw upon relationships with other organisations to involve a broad section of our community as supporters whether as individuals or as group entities.

By bringing community members together to support people experiencing difficulties, we envision that our organisation and the services we offer will benefit our local community as we aim to end homelessness, provide safe spaces for the most vulnerable people in our area and help people with substance misuse to safely detox with the goal of moving towards abstinence from alcohol or other drugs.

Below are our services and projects we are aiming to offer in our local area – Ulladulla.

Safe Shelter

We are currently in the process of setting up a safe shelter for those experiencing homelessness in the Ulladulla area. With a combined churches and community effort, including local organisations, volunteers and church groups. We are looking at a number of possible buildings and will keep everyone updated as this progresses.

Domestic Violence Support

Once we have our safe shelter up and running and are established with volunteers and a safe building, we will endeavour to assist people escaping domestic violence who may find themselves at risk of homelessness.

We aim to offer temporary accommodation, separate to the safe shelter, and to work with local domestic violence services in the area.

Detox Safe House

This project will be further down the track and will be separate again to the safe shelter and domestic violence support. We aim to secure a permanent house/structure to use as a safe space for anyone wishing to detox from alcohol or other drugs.

This project will require funding which we will apply for either through government grants, funding, and/or donations.

There will be trained professionals on site at all times whilst the facility is being used in order for a safe detox to take place. Once detox has been successful the person will be referred to a rehabilitation service for further and ongoing treatment.

Get Involved

Would you like to become a volunteer? Some of the things our volunteers may be required to do:

  • Cooking
  • Serving
  • Cleaning
  • Setting up and packing up beds
  • Social support (playing games, group meals and activities, having a conversation)
  • First aid
  • Night shift (sleepovers)
  • Referring guests to specialist services

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, and you would like to do either one or many of the above, check out our website and complete the online form (please note you will need a Working With Children Check):

Let’s Make A Change

Our services are run on donations and volunteer work, donations of money as well as food, bedding and clothing are needed.

You can donate in person, online or over the phone.

Online (Tax Deductable Donation)

Bank Details: BSB: 633-000

Account number 168-720-522


Contact us on 0457 7401 951 to donate

Check out our website and Facebook page for further information or contact us.

Web: www.safewaterscc.org/volunteer-donate
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SafeWatersCC
E: admin@safewaterscc.org
Ph: 0457 740 951


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