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Happy Feet Walkers at Jindabyne

Walking Happy

Steve with some of the walking group

More than thirty Happy Feet Walkers recently travelled to Jindabyne for another enjoyable stay of four days (three nights) in a well-appointed lodge.

While Jindabyne, situated near the Kosciuszko National Park, is known as a winter wonderland, it also boasts great summer sights and activities, including some great walks.

On the first full day, the group visited Thredbo. Some chose to explore the ‘Golf Course Loop’ while others took the chair lift, availing themselves to incredible views; all of the group managed an credible day’s walk on the many hiking trails.

Burnima Homestead

The next day was a bus trip, which started as a Mystery as only Dorothy, Tony, and the bus drivers knew where we were going! No-body was disappointed when we arrived at Burnima Homestead, an historic 1896 building near Bombala. We were met by owner and guide, Steve Rickett, looking splendid in full Victorian dress of top hat, tails and cane.

The homestead is a gothic style two-story mansion comprising of thirty-two rooms. Steve expertly guides and transports visitors back into the opulent era where Victorian society ruled. An interesting and educational day.

Burnima Homestead

A big highlight of the trip was the ‘Seenager dress up’ night, held at our accommodation lodge. Many of the group were hard to recognise when they appeared wearing fun outfits and wigs, which totally transformed many.

All too soon, it was day four, time to vacate and say goodbye to Jindabyne. Organisers, Dorothy and Tony Gerzanics, again excelled themselves, with another wonderful program.

Heart Foundation Walking For Health Program

Happy Feet Walking Group is happy to welcome anyone who is looking for a friendly group to join, and is especially beneficial to anyone new to the area, who are looking to meet some locals, and get some exercise at the same time.

Walks are held five times a week; Monday-Friday at 7.50am with coffee after each Monday and Friday walk. In addition, Mystery Trips and other group functions are held through the year.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HappyFeetWalkers
Contact: Dorothy or Tony
E: ulladullahappyfeet@gmail.com
Ph: 4455 6162


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